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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Space Vehicle

Made by Igla (Trhové Sviny), Czechoslovakia, 1964.

Spaceship Titan

Made in Czechoslovakia by Omnia.

Space Vehicle Mars

Made by Ites, Czechoslovakia, 1974. Plastic and metal.

Robot Emil

Unknown manufacturer, Czechoslovakia, ca 1960´s, painted wood and springs.
Robot Emil was the most popular robot in the Czech pop culture in the 1960´s. It originated as a TV miniseries. One episode, Robot Emil Fights the Dirt (1962), can be found on YouTube.

Space Car

Made by Omnia, Czechoslovakia, 1970.

More Six Days on Luna 1

A few more pictures from the book...

Six Days on Luna 1

Maybe the most beautiful book from Teodor Rotrekl´s peak period is Šest dnů na Luně 1 (Six Days on Luna 1, 1963) written by a journalist Ivo Štuka (1930 - 2007). This book for older children combines a real history and possible future of the space exploration with a caleidoscopic novel set in our solar system. Almost every page contains a color illustration by Rotrekl, some of them quite exciting. Here is a scan of the original artwork used for the cover of the book including a hand-drawn title.