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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Large model of the Vostok spaceship built on the new housing estate in the Czech town Příbram in the 1960´s. Later it had been destroyed.

Theodor Rotrekl: Gagarin. 1964.

Allegory of Yuri Gagarin´s flight at the 1st May celebration, Czechoslovakia, early 1960´s.

Envelope and stamps designed by Czech artist Cyril Bouda celebrating Gagarin´s flight.

Czechoslovak communists were always eager to show their appreciation of the Soviet Union. As a result of a direct order from the management of the Czechoslovak Radio, within two hours after the Gagarin´s flight Czech radio issued a brand new song for that occasion: "Salute to the Cosmonaut", better known as "Good Day, Squadron Leader Gagarin". (Music: Jaromír Hnilička, words: Pavel Pácl.) Although staged, this charming "music clip" made for Czechoslovak TV shows the spontanneous enthusiasm for Gagarin´s flight.

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