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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home-made spaceships

The space program was exotic and geographicaly distant. But the children found their own way - "astronaut play" became a natural part of their world as well as its media image. Cover for the Ohníček magazine (1962) by Adolf Born.

Soviet postcard for the International women´s day.

Illustration by Miloš Nesvadba for the Czech edition of Edith Anderson´s book Děti, psi a raktey (Hunde, Kinder und Raketen, 1959).

Illustration by Neprakta for a book of short stories Pohádky strýčka Jedličky (1963) by Antonín Jedlička.

10-minute animated short Krava na Mjesecu (Cow on the Moon, 1959) made by Yugoslavian artist and director Dusan Vukotic. It is a cult vintage piece for generations of Czech children since a copy of the movie had been in possession of the the Stefanikova observatory in Prague and it had been played to every school group visit. Vukotic later made a Czech-Yugoslavian feature film Monstrum z galaxie Arkana (The Monster from the Arkana Galaxy, 1981).

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