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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Into the space

Space flight is the subject of various children´s games. This one called Do vesmíru (Into the Space) had been made in 1964 by Czech cooperative society Směr.


  1. Your collection is out of this world! You have posted images of some of the most beautiful sixties "space" toys and games I have ever seen.
    I would love to see the full cover of the 1964 game Do vesmíru (Into the Space) by Czech cooperative society Směr, it looks amazing!

    Are there any websites devoted to Eastern European and Russian communist era toys like the ones you have shown in your exhibition and here in the "toys section"? They would be great to collect!

    1. I am not aware of any Russian/East European web devoted to the space toys. Just recently an exhibition Century of the Child had been opened in the Museum of the Modern Art (www.moma.org). I borrowed several toys to this exhibition. It is open through November 2012.

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